“Linda Richardson is in the Sales Hall of Fame. Her new book, Changing the Sales Conversation, is not an option. It’s an imperative. When Linda Richardson says it’s time to change the sales conversation, you can bet your job, and your wallet, that it’s time to change.”
“The sales game has changed radically in recent years, and there’s no going back. Richardson not only gets the big picture about the new world of sales, but she also provides the kind of insidebaseball details new and experienced salespeople can really use. This book stands out in a field bloated with old thinking and tired cliches.”
Your thinking ‘What? Another book about selling?’ Wrong! This book is about winning! These days, when those of us who sell need every molecule of competitive edge we can muster, Linda cleverly pulls it together for us. And she does it with a voice radiating experience, knowledge, and sincere empathy for the challenging job we all have.
Dave Stein, CEO & Founder, ES Research Group, Inc., and author of How Winners Sell
“This book is beyond a ‘must-read’ or ‘must-have’ book. This is a MUST-DO guide. It is a landmark book in which Linda Richardson gives us an updated road map that clearly explains today’s AND tomorrow’s buying patterns and how to leverage technology, connections, and exceptional expertise to win on the new sales landscape.”
“Linda has created a sales foundation for the profession of selling across all industries. With Changing the Sales Conversation she has seized on the new emerging trend: the conversation economy. This is the most substantive and authoritative book on conversation management on the market. A must-read for every sales leader and every top performing salesperson.”
Gerhard Gschwandtner, CEO, Selling Power
“Linda’s new book accomplishes the almost-impossible: providing an easy-to-understand road map for selling in an increasingly complex business world.”
“Once again, Linda drives the profession of selling forward. Her insights about the art and science of great sales conversations are clear, compelling and extremely practical. No matter what your sales experience, she has jewels of wisdom for you to succeed.”
“To win going forward, the sales conversation needs to change from product monologues to business solution dialogues, and Linda Richardson shows you now to make that happen.”
“This amazing book is long overdue, and while Linda Richardson says the book is not about how to sell, but about how to sell differently, it captures the essence of the evolution of the buying process and importantly, provides a guide for the individual to influence and optimize the profound change in selling.”
“Linda Richardson has moved need/discovery based selling into the conversation economy with her powerful new book Changing the Sales Conversation. It is not simply a book. It is a route-map which guides us all as we work to adapt to the new rules of selling. With Linda as a guide, we cannot but succeed.”
“Changing the Sales Conversation identifies the new skills that matter to succeed in the new world of selling. Linda Richardson, a pioneer and leading expert in sales, gives you the power to win on the new sales map.”