Project Description

In this era of iPads, iPhones, and apps, sales communications may be growing, but sales conversations are dying-and so are too many sales. Globalization, the explosion in competition, the slow economy, and fast-emerging technologies all have changed buying habits. Salespeople can no longer rely on the traditional sales methodologies. It is time to change the conversation.

A visionary of the consultative sales movement, Linda Richardson has again moved selling forward by reengineering the sales conversation. Purchasing has become a core competency for clients. They evaluate their options against checklists they carefully develop. Richardson helps you understand what is on their checklists and align your solutions with their business and personal priorities to help you win. Clients today are focused on business outcomes. They are interested in reducing risk. They turn to peers and social networks to self-educate before turning to salespeople. To engage them you must demonstrate that you know their world and that you are prepared with insights and ideas to add to what they already know. Richardson gives you five clear strategies and tools to help you do just that. You will create and shape opportunities, prepare and probe in an entirely new way, gain client consensus, and use sales process and tools to guide and accelerate closing. You will learn:

  • Futuring to prepare for and anticipate customer needs
  • Heat-mapping to use insights to focus and engage customers
  • Value-tracking to connect your solutions to business outcomes and ROI
  • Phasing to use sales process to forecast accurately and close
  • Linking to reinsert heart and trust into your sales conversations

Linda Richardson was named Sales Thought Leader for 2013 and this book shows why as she helps you sometimes tweak but more often change how you sell. She builds on your foundation to take your selling to a new elevation and bring your sales results along with it. Linda Richardson is the founder of Richardson, a global sales performance company where she serves as executive chairwoman. She teaches sales and management courses at the Wharton Graduate School of the University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton Executive Development Center. Her most recent book Perfect Selling was a New York Times bestseller and received the SBA gold medal for best sales book. Richardson is credited with starting the consultative sales movement, which has guided most sales methodologies used by companies for the past few decades.



From Linda:

My goal for my new book, Changing the Sales Conversation, which will be released by my longtime publisher McGraw-Hill in December 2013, is to help answer the question of how to sell to win in the new sales landscape. We have circled back to salespeople as educators, not of product value, but of ideas, insights, and outcomes. It is exciting to continue to be a part of the new sales world through my writing and work. I have written 12 books on sales performance, each time thinking that “this one may be my last.” But every new change and challenge rekindles my passion.

While the fundamental principles of Consultative Selling remain valid, their applications continue to evolve and today with warp speed.. For years, sales theorists have debated whether selling is an art or a science. Now there is an answer: Selling was primarily an art, but now it truly is a science as well. The art is in the innate talent some are born with and the skills they can develop; the science is in the metrics and research available now with a click. This is a tremendously demanding yet exciting time to be in sales, and my goal is to help sales leaders and salespeople become ever more knowledgeable, and ever more steeped in the insights, ideas, and metrics that produce business outcomes and move clients to buy from them.